Senior Content Editor
Cape Town, Western Cape
Posted 15 April 2019

Job Details

Job Description

We’re on the search for a talented journalist who can create and direct excellent storytelling across multiple platforms. We’re looking for someone who has that magical combination of strategic thinking, creative drive and awesome organisational skills to head up our digital team and be a key member of the brand’s editorial management team.

What we need in this role
You’ll be responsible for executing the digital strategy of YOU across its multiple platforms, ensuring we remain top of mind for our audiences and clients. This means you need to be able to:

• Understand digital media so you can ensure quality and consistency across various platforms, including social media, while moulding content to suit the particular platform.

• You must be able to think strategically about how to best drive traffic, increase engagement and create content that improves brand visibility.

• You need to be able to gauge what is a good story and how it would best be told on the various available platforms. You must be able to understand the nuances of each platform to ensure an integrated 360 approach for each piece of content. Excellent editing skills are critical.

• Your skill set must include the ability to successfully manage multiple stakeholders internally and externally. You need highly developed interpersonal skills with an emotional intelligence level that allows you to deal with these various stakeholders in the best possible way.

• It goes without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: you must have a hunger to constantly improve the digital offering of YOU to ensure it remains one of the best-loved brands in South Africa. This means working closely with other senior editors to leverage off the assets of the brand’s multiple platforms.

• You need to be able to interpret data, using analytics as a tool to guide strategic decisions without being blinded by it. An excellent understanding of SEO rules is crucial.

It would be great if you had:
• At least five years’ experience in digital media and at least three years’ management experience.
• Video editing experience.
• Experience in executing editorially driven projects with commercial partners.
• A proven track record and/or portfolio that showcases editing skills as well as understanding of using a CMS and analytics tools.
• The ability to work under extreme pressure, juggling multiple deadlines across various platforms.

Why we’d be awesome to work with:
• You’d be joining a diverse team of journalists and editors who have a wealth of experience in lifestyle media content. We’re constantly evolving and our digital offering is a cornerstone of our success and will become even more so in future.

• You’d have access to the resources of our teams in Cape Town and Johannesburg, including resources traditionally found only on print teams.

• We’re a pretty awesome bunch and you’d be part of the senior management team of YOU, helping to make decisions that will grow the brand across various platforms (trust us, it’s a great place to be!).