Category Manager
Cape Town, Western Cape
Posted 13 April 2018

Job Details

Job Description

The Category Manager is responsible for constructing the Product Strategy in terms of the Merchandise strategy. He/she constructs and co-ordinates the Range Build for the menswear division, including the supply base plan, sourcing new merchandise and reviewing existing ones to ensure products remain competitive. By fully understanding customer needs, the Category Manager is able to maximize profits and provide a commercially viable range of merchandise at competitive prices. Keeping up to date with market trends and reacting to changes in demand are key elements of the role. The Category Manager ensures the best product for the customer and the most optimal way to present it to the customer online.

Minimum Requirements
  • A relevant Diploma/Degree
  • At least 5-8 years retail experience
  • Think on a strategic level and execute on an operational level
  • Prior experience with driving and maintaining customer and supplier relationships as well as influencing decision-makers
  • Prepared to travel, drive, and engage in considerable physical activity
  • Specific fashion retail knowledge
  • Proficiency in relevant software packages and applications and an ecommerce understanding
Skills and Competencies
  • Strategic abilities to construct strategy, relate it into business plans, implement and evaluate strategies
  • To construct and drive customer profiling for menswear and ensure operation execution plans and evaluation
  • Competent in pulling together different product categories to ensure synergies and optimized capsule product offering through topline range build through to range plans
  • Excellent understanding of planning and the logistics process relating to product and ability to communicate and drive optimal processes and information
  • Sound analytical, organisational, interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills and the skills to present this to business
  • Fashion insights, clothing manufacturing and supply understanding as well as an eye for commercial merchandise
  • Strong affiliation to systems, utilising them to increase productivity in line with the business strategy and able to present new innovations or processes necessary to drive effectiveness and efficiencies in the Merchandise Department
  • Competency in all computer packages, i.e. Outlook, Excel (Advanced), PowerPoint, Internet
  • Very strong trader instinct, through range build and analysis optimize sales through various online actions
  • Good understanding of the market in which we operate with market analysis and industry knowledge which will be used to make best product, supplier and customer decisions
Key Responsibilities
  • Construct the merchandise strategy for menswear
  • Construct the product strategy and relate it to operational plans to ensure optimal execution and evaluation
  • Compile the supplier strategy and ensure collaboration and driving optimal supplier deals and communication
  • Drive the research and information to do a customer analysis and compile the customer profiles for Spree
  • Relate all strategies into operational plans and lead and manage this through the full division to ensure optimal execution and implementation of strategies and plans
  • Construct Range Build documents and processes and lead and manage the teams through the range build process
  • Build an applicable product range across a capsule of different buying categories that will ensure optimal product assortment of Spree
  • Source and secure merchandise according to product and supply strategy
  • Analyse consumer buying patterns and predicting future promotions to adapt strategy and operational plans to ensure best results
  • Develop new approaches to target customer segments using analytic tools, site positioning and newsletters and marketing initiatives
  • Work closely with the Merchandising Manager to agree on the budget principles and execution of the budget
  • Track sales to budget and plan promotions accordingly, analysing consumer buying patterns and predicting future trends
  • Lead and manage the products and product messages to market through the Fashion Office and the Marketing team. Monitor success of site and marketing initiatives and steer merchandise team accordingly
  • Manage plans for stock levels, reacting to changes in demand
  • Manage changes in logistics
  • Meet with suppliers and negotiate terms of contract. Maintain relationships with existing suppliers and sourcing new suppliers for future products
  • Liaise with other departments within the organisation to ensure projects are completed
  • Regularly review performance indicators, e.g. sales, costs and discount levels and present action plans. Use dashboards and reports to improve business and report back to business Write reports and forecast sales levels and report back to business
  • Manage product information on-site. Write product details and information to optimise sales of the product. Optimise processes, communication and execution of product information
  • On-site management of visual product presentation. Check quality and visual message of product and add extra visual information like style advice, extra colours or options and visual merchandising. Liaise with all relevant parties and drive optimal product visual content to the customer
  • Communicate with support departments and other departments in the company on behalf of a buying capsule and manage these relationships

Given the employment equity policy of Media24, preference will be given to suitable candidates from the designated groups.

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