Johannesburg, Gauteng
Posted 13 August 2019 - Closing Date 20 August 2019
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Job Details

Job Description

Media24 has a vacancy for a sports writer at City Press. The successful candidate would be flexible and able to work across a variety of subjects, particularly football. The successful candidate must be adept at multi-media elements of storytelling, able to shoot and edit video, and manage social media accounts.


Key performance areas


  1. Gather, write and present sports reports.
  2. Build up a network of contacts at local and national level.
  • Liaise with colleagues across departments about features and the best use of information.
  1. Shoot and edit video content.


Qualifications and experience


  1. Degree or diploma, preferably in journalism, is a strong recommendation.
  2. At least 5 years' experience in a newsroom.
  • Proven experience and ability to write features, hard news, analytical journalism and revelatory reports across formats. Proven experience of taking videos and editing this content according to City Press standards.
  1. Computer skills
  2. Valid driver's licence




  1. The ability to withstand pressure from sports officials, politicians and large private companies.
  2. Good grasp of the SA sports scene as well as international sporting events.
  • Good grasp of journalism, all platforms and the newspaper business.
  1. The ability to focus, prioritise and think strategically.
  2. Above-average ability to obtain and analyse information, to have insight into its core and to present it as a stimulating, cohesive report.
  3. The ability to co-operate with all departments to present reports in a visually attractive and understandable way.
  • A good instinct for news, ethical conduct and good judgment.


In exchange for the successful candidate's services the company offers a competitive salary, membership of the medical and retirement funds for persons qualifying.